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At Western, we focus on air and electronic gages that with a minimum amount of operator skill provide fast-accurate and cost effective measurements of parts in production shop floor environments.

For fast-accurate measurement of Internal and External Diameters consider using one of our dimensional air gages. Weve designed and manufactured dimensional air gages for over 40 years and know what works well and what doesn't. Air gage ranges are limited so they're not for every application; but for highly precise parts there is nothing better.

Besides checking I.D.'s and O.D.'s, we have proven air gage designs for checking taper angle, straightness of bores, concentricity, thickness, perpendicularity, center distance and parallelism. Fabricated in Western's gage manufacturing shop, they're fast-accurate and much less expensive than using coordinate measuring machines, roundness test tables, or surface profilometers to check these kinds of features. Does it make sense to employ expensive pieces of capital equipment when a fast-accurate custom built gage will do the job?