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DeWAL Industries, founded in 1974, now a part of Rogers Corporation, designs and manufactures high performance PTFE and UHMW-PE films and pressure sensitive tapes. From its Rhode Island production facility, it helps solve demanding and unusual manufacturing challenges in a diverse range of markets, including aerospace, appliance, automotive, belting, electrical/electronic, hose, marine, mechanical/industrial, packaging, energy exploration, wire and cable, HVOF and thermal spray.

DeWAL manufactures products in three categories: Film, Pressure-Sensitive Tapes and Specialty Products.

DeWAL Film is known for its high quality and custom thin gauge capabilities. It is used for abrasion resistance, low friction, as a release surface and to extended product life. DeWAL offers a range of surface treatments allowing all films to be bonded to a variety of substrates.

DeWAL Pressure-Sensitive Tapes combine the strength, durability and versatility of DeWAL films with proprietary formulations of silicone, acrylic, or rubber-based adhesive systems. It manufactures double-ply tapes and tape laminates with aluminum foil, silicone/fiberglass and other materials.

DeWAL Specialty Products include thin porous films of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) (Uni-Pore) and PTFE (Poro-Tex). Expertise includes skived and unsintered PTFE; high performance films for elastomeric and convoluted hose.

DeWAL Dynaglide materials have been specially formulated to give customers long life, low wearing, low friction filled PTFE bearing materials.

Poro-Tex®, Uni-Pore® and Dynaglide® are proprietary registered DeWAL products.

As part of the Rogers Corporation, DeWAL has Sales Teams worldwide.