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Who We Are

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and strategic business insight, the eTraveler™ team consistently strives for greater production analytics and more efficient manufacturing practices. With innovation and practical user interface driving eTraveler™, company evolution and adaption to the markets creates an environment for success. eTraveler™ began as a start-up in conjunction with the manufacturing controls company Morris Controls. Through the superior quality and cutting edge technology and implementation of electronic part travelers, manufacturing and business analytics have never been the same.

History of Part Travelers

Part travelers are an integral part of the manufacturing process. By allowing work orders to be converted into paper documents on the shop floor, workers have been able to create and assemble specific orders with a single form of consistent communication - the part traveler.

The advent of the eTraveler™ part travelers has created a simplified electronic infrastructure that allows information to be stored and updated from a centralized or mobile location.


Companies We Work With

eTraveler™ has grown it's professional network through continuously providing innovative solutions. We have experience working with all industry and manufacturing styles. The vast and diverse experience of the eTraveler™ team is evidently displayed in the companies we work with. From Food to Aerospace industries, and everything in between, eTraveler™ is committed to providing cutting-edge business analytic infrastructure.