As of 2016, Magnetic Shield Corporation is Celebrating 75 Years of Success!
Magnetic Shielding Solutions - Protecting Critical Electronic Applications & OEM Innovations

We support OEM Design and Electrical Engineers, Scientists, students and technical professionals world-wide with magnetic shielding complete solutions, and specialized technical knowledge. How do tech professionals benefit from partnering with us?

• They start with asking for help, taking advantage of our vast magnetic shielding technical know-how. Our technical team can recommend solutions that can be applied to all low frequency magnetic interference applications as specified.
• Next, material sourcing begins with our “industry standard” MuMETAL® sheet and foil, specialty alloys, and stock products – we are the proprietary supplier.
• OEM Design & Electrical Engineers, Scientists, students, and tech professionals buy our Evaluation Lab Kits to experiment, sample alloys, test, and build a prototype. Using our efficient high permeability alloy samples reduces electromagnetic interference – a quick and reliable method.
• Our full manufacturing services and custom fabrication processes produce the highest quality shields to exacting specifications as required. Because of our decades upon decades of shielding expertise and custom total solutions available, the choice is simple, to contact us.
• Today, Magnetic Shield Corporation is selected and recommended as the supplier of choice; positioned as a dominant leader in the worldwide magnetic shielding market. Electronics OEMs, research labs and universities, and more across a broad range of industries partner with us for reliable shielding solutions. We look forward to helping with your shielding requirements and our Engineer can review design drawings.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Two Stocking Locations in Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL - USA
For our West Coast customers, we now have MuMETAL® alloy and product inventory located on the West Coast, offering shorter lead times, reduced shipping costs, and faster delivery to the West Coast, Asia and Australia. Magnetic Shield Corporation supports its worldwide customer base by offering fabrication capabilities, custom quotes, laboratory testing and technical sales - all from our corporate office in the Chicago metro area.

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WATCH NEW VIDEO: Magnetic Shield Corporation- Magnetic Shielding Specialty Alloy Brands Supplier
Magnetic Shield Corporation can help OEM Electrical and Design Engineers, and technical professionals with our decades of expertise to mitigate the effects of EMI low frequency fields.

This is how we do it:
1. Use of practical applications and real-life experiences
1. “Hands-on” approach to validation
2. Evaluation, Sampling and Prototyping
3. Technical knowledge of electromagnetic interference

VIEW VIDEO: MuMETAL® vs. A/C Power Panel with Gaussmeter EF-401 - EMI Shielding Solutions (low frequency)

MuMETAL® Shielding Alloy is demonstrated against an A/C power panel. Two gaussmeter (Item #EF-401) readings are shown - one without MuMETAL® shielding and one with .025" thick, fully annealed, MuMETAL® shielding alloy placed in front of the A/C Panel.