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PUNCH INDUSTRY USA INC., established on April 3, 2017, is a U.S.-based sales and distributing office in Itasca, Illinois near Chicago and a subsidiary of tool and die components manufacturer PUNCH INDUSTRY CO. of Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in supplying both standard and custom-made tooling for stamping and press machines as well as components for injection mold machines. Our PUNCH GROUP manufacturers can make steel & carbide punches, block punches, pilot punches, profile punches, forming punches, precision punches & dies, block/button dies, bushings and more. Our customers include those in the automotive, electronic, medical, and consumer industries.

PUNCH INDUSTRY CO. is a Japanese-owned global manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. In addition to our office in Itasca, Illinois, we have sales companies in Japan, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Beyond that, our sales network also includes Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Australia, Turkey, Germany, The UK and Mexico.

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