Concept Laser enables freedom to design and build fully-dense metal applications in any material, in any size. We serve various industries with our primary customers in aerospace, automotive, toolmaking and mold construction, medical, dental, jewelry and education. There is also an extensive network of service bureaus that use our 3D metal printers for rapid prototyping.

Our line of 3D metal printers is strengthened by more than 180 granted and pending patents. The machine portfolio includes build envelopes ranging from one of the smallest on the market to the largest in the world. Multiple lasers are used in several of our models to enable high throughput. The Mlab cusing models feature a unique handling station for safe handling of reactive materials in an inert environment. The XLINE 2000R features a rotating mechanism, so two build envelopes can be processed simultaneously.

Our portfolio of products also contains a comprehensive list of software and services. QM Meltpool 3D is a quality monitoring tool that enables detailed mapping of the build layer by layer, helping to ensure product quality, while indicating to the operator the builds that are on the edge of acceptability. CL WRX Parameter the parameter editing software that Concept Laser’s Research & Development department uses and is now available to all customers. Finally, we offer various levels of training and applications support to ensure customers have a solid foundation of 3D metal printing.

Concept Laser’s machines print a variety of reactive and non-reactive metals, from steels to alloys to pure titanium and precious metals, with typical thickness ranging from 20 to 100 micrometers.

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