3DM Devices provides end to end solutions for industrial measurement using 2D Light curtains and 3D Laser profile Scanners.

Our laser light curtains are used primarily for fast high resolution width measurement of one or more webs. Data is used for monitoring and closed loop process control. Other applications include high speed length measurement of wood components, and full plan view measurement of irregular flat panels. Systems are available in widths from 8 inches to 30 feet.

The majority of our business is 3D scanning systems - we provide scanner heads and complete systems that are used for monitoring and process control of extruded rubber, steel tubing, cast iron piping, and lumber manufacturing. Our scanners are used for on track railroad scanning, as attachments for CMM's and articulated arms, and pipeline surface corrosion measurement systems.

3DM prefers to supply a complete end to end system. We design and build all systems in house starting at the component level for the critical laser and camera assemblies, through pcb assembly, system test and installation at the customer site. 3DM develops all software starting with the FPGA processor modules up to and including Windows based clients and PLC interfaces.

Many of our systems have been in 24/7 use for more than 10 years and we are routinely servicing and upgrading systems after 15 or more years of use. We can repair or provide compatible replacements for any of the systems we have produced in the last 20 years.

Our expertise is real time scanning and our goal is to provide a long term end to end solution from a single vendor.