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We provides the Automotive, Aerospace and Composite industries with smart and cost efficient Turnkey Robotic Solutions especially designed for cutting their parts with multiple robot (Fanuc, ABB or Motoman) integrated with the specific process equipment including :

- Waterjet cutting (pure water and abrasive)
- Waterjet surface preparation & cleaning
- Routing
- Knife and Ultrasonic cutting
- Laser cutting

DUO-Trim™ - New compact turnkey robotic system especially integrated for different processes (but not limited to):

• Routing and Milling
• Gluing/sealing
• Cold knife cutting
• Water jet cutting
• Ultrasonic

Modular Robot Integration
The mechanical platform and the electrical controls are built with high quality components. The base system is easy to customize integrating the most suitable robots with regards to payload and arm reach along with fixed and rotating table options to match the customer's part geometry and cycle time requirements. Our priority is to provide the best possible turnkey solution to process parts at the lowest possible cost per piece for a rapid return on investment.

The Right Worktable for the Job
A variety of worktable configurations are available. The standard fixed table solution can be configured with three (3) sizes to suit the customers’ needs. Rotating table solutions are also available for large parts or for offline loading and unloading to maximize robot efficiency.

Safety First
The basic robotic cell is enclosed with modular safety fences or with Lexan panels for dusty processes. The loading area is monitored with light curtains and optional laser scanners. A rolling door can be provided to close the front of the machine and keep the operator away from the robot cell during the part cycle. This also helps to contain the dust when using the machine for routing and milling processes.

Offline Programming
The start-up and the return on investment of the system can be accelerated using DUO's offline programming services. Robot programs can be generated in advance of the installation so that the machine can start in production very quickly. This service can also be provided for cycle time optimization if necessary. Offline programming software is also available for customers to purchase when programming frequency increases and the investment makes sense.

Fast Fixture Changes and Automatic Robot Calibration
Part trimming accuracy is dependent on robot tool center point calibration and proper fixture location. The robots can be delivered with a calibration software for correcting the TCP automatically if necessary. Our worktables feature repeatable interface pins and an automatic fixture identification device that permits the robot to select the part program automatically. Time required to change a fixture is only 5 to 10 minutes.

Quick Start-Up and Fast Return on Investment
The machine is pre-assembled and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. The "Plug & Play" design makes it easy to transport and commission at the customers site. On-site training is provided with each system to get the operator and maintenance technicians perfectly acquainted with their new system.
Vacuum System to Hold the Part in Position
The system is designed to pull high volume vacuum through the machine structure and the fixture. The optional cyclone vacuum system connected under the worktable is used to firmly hold the part on the fixture and to collect the dust and the small cut-outs generated by the process. Traditional vacuum pump and central vacuum systems can also be integrated.

Fixtures & Tooling Options Available
The DUO system can be integrated with existing part holding fixtures and CAD/CAM software can be integrated with our system to allow for offline “Toolpath” generation for the part trimming process. This CAD/CAM software can also turn the robot into a milling machine to build prototype or temporary fixtures.

Robots (*)
• Single/Dual ABB 2600 or Fanuc M20iA
• Single/Dual ABB 4600 or Fanuc M710iC/50iC
• Single/Dual 6700 or Fanuc R2000iC
(*) Other types of robots can be provided upon request

Artistic Milling
Combining the appropriate equipment with the optional CAD/CAM software we can convert the robotic system into an artistic milling machine.

• Fixed single table
• Rotating single table
• Rotating dual worktable

3’ x 5’ / 5' x 5' / 8' x 5’
3' diameter plate (7th Axis Positioner)
3’ x 5’/ 5' x 5' (180o indexer)

Safety Enclosure
• Basic fence
• Light curtains
• Multiple E-stops

• Lexan panels
• Laser scanner
• Rolling door (optional sizes)

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DUO-Trim™ - New compact turnkey robotic system especially integrated for different processes (but not limited to):

• Routing & Milling
• Gluing/sealing
• Cold knife cutting
• Water jet cutting
• Ultrasonic
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