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Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. is continuously advancing high speed automation technology with our innovative mechanical designs, custom machining, and control system integration. These capabilities coupled with our extensive PLC, CNC, MMI and Motion Control Experience, and Control Panel Assembly give us the ability to provide solutions and create leading edge technologies that meet and exceed our customers' productivity needs and expectations.

Automotive Industry Automation
Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. designs and builds automated systems for the automotive component industry. Our systems have incorporated all types of assembly, testing and inspection techniques. We have built equipment for everything, from automotive electrical components to weather-stripping processing. Whether it is assembling, testing, inspecting or any other service, Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. can handle the needs of your product.

Have questions about how Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. can help you solve your automotive component automation needs? Let us show you how our Lean Cells, Assembly Dial Systems, Power and Free Systems, Assembly Lines, Machining Systems, Test Systems, and Continuous Motion equipment can provide efficient and effective solutions.

Medical Device Assembly
From Proof of Principal machines to high speed fully automated lines, AES can provide you with solutions to all of your medical device assembly needs.

We have installed equipment at the world's largest medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our experience ranges from the assembly of complex drug delivery systems, OR & ER devices, to consumer home healthcare products.

Some medical applications we have a been involved with:

Cannula Assembly
Vial material handling and packaging
Catheter Tube Flare loader
Micro Dip Assembly
Plug Insertion
Saline solution bag- system assembly
Needle Hud Mold assembly
Pin Insertion Systems

Electronic Assembly Equipment
AES has designed and built numerous systems for the electronics component industry. Our expertise in all areas of assembly, test and inspection techniques have offered our customers outstanding performance and value.